vivid nightmares

boohoo! i'm not telling you about my vivid nightmares, cause this post is not gonna post something like that. just wanna have fun with the title. 

by the way, i'm kinda bored now, so, what should i do? anyone know? hmm

guys, i really need your information about ono eriko. 

"is ono eriko really died?"

there's so many rumors about this, filling my tweets. so, i'm afraid if she died. cause, you know, i'm so in love with miiko the series. especially eguchi tappei :) so, if she died, no more eguchi tappei? oh hell no! 

then, there are so many tweets' rumors about aoyama gosho died.

so what's the truth? tweeple thoughts that many comicus died. but, i dont believe it. cause i dont know where's the news

so, hmm, so hotty in here. and i'm stuck. i'm sweatin' yeah, gross. 

it's already ten to two, wanna go to bed but, i'm so bored with this holiday. 


wake up, make my bed, watch tv, gardening, eat, take a shower, have some snacks, go online, take a nap, take a shower again, eat dinner, wash the dishes, and go to sleep.

those are the things i've been doing for this holiday. so fckin horrible! i want to go somewhere, please oh please. first of october, schools in. huhu, dont know what to tell the 'holiday stories' to my class mates. just go around jakarta, then go home and done. yeah, everything's done. i hate this holiday. 

wheeen wheeen, i need the holiday, cause next year i'll have the final exams for senior high school! so maybe i cant have more holiday. it's so bored. B-O-R-E-D

my big white furry cat is just meow-ing. yeah, i think that he is bored too. only watch the clouds, watch the bird, and meow. oh one more thing he always do---> zuhleeppss

what should i do now? tomorrow my mom has to work again. that means, maybe im not having the 'cool holiday'

me want to go to garut, or jogja, or bali (again) 


or bromo. my bude said, 'ke bromo cuman ngejar ngejar matahari. bangunnya jam 2 pagi cuman buat ngejar matahari yang tiap hari juga keliatan dr depan rumah' uh whatever, but maybe it's cool! with the cold wind, hike the mountain with a horse, with all of the family, okay okay, stop dreaming. just wait patiently. 

wait wait wait, until the day is come. first of october. yeah, it's uncool