hope, i'm not losing you, boy

first time i know you...

i knew you from one of my friend in seventh grade
and i tried to add you on my messenger.. and then, finally you accepted me

i started the first part. introduce myself and i ask about you. and i know you. and we do it for hhmm a month or weeks.
you don't know who am i, and finally, i show you who really am i.

then you asked me to be your sss
and i 100% accept it

then you know my phone number. and i know yours too

when this moment just happen, 'yours' is mad at me, yeah maybe she's mad at you too. and i don't know what to do, but i try to explain what we've done to her when she met me at school. i'm afraid to answer questions from her

and everyday i was afraid to meet her. but sometimes, she was so kind.

then, a few months later, you and you broke your relationship

i thought it was all because of me. and i feel so guilty. i know you're very very mad at me.

after that moment, as like usual
we chat, we talk, and we do so much more

and i'm glad, you're my bbrr.

a few months later

you found your new G. she's my friend..
but why, you often mad at me

and it's forgiven

i don't know how to explain this part. but, i just want to write it down on this blog.
and after you broke up again, you have your new G again. and now you broke up with her

N O W, it's really really N O W
we're the same, but you already have your next G. but I'm not.
i always think of you. i hope you're always here to be my bbrr

since this part, hmm i think not this part, but since the first time i know you, you made my life different and extraordinary. i miss you everyday and every night --- always

ok, i dont know what else i want to tell you. and this is what i'm thinking about. these words are all i have in my mind

you know, i always watching you. when you're laughing, talking, playing. but you don't mind it *sigh*

boy, if you read this. you know what i feel and i don't want to losing you. so much i love you and so much i need you. you're my everything, even though you're not mine..



ps. kalo ada bahasa inggris yang salah, ya maklumin aja deh ya